Article 19 Booklet on The Public’s Right to Know, Principles on Freedom of Information Legislation in Both Bangla and English

Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication( is working in association with other partner organizations regarding the need for a Right to Information Law since its inception.

We believe the Right to Information Act should have such mechanism that enables general people having important information. The mechanism would establish that providing information on demand is the rule and hiding is the denial of law. The law should have a list about which information might not be provided and this list must be very short. It is to be ensured that the information provided should be very easy and comprehensible to the general people. The law should have the measure to take action on unexpected refusal on the demand for information.

The objective of this Bangla translation is to appraise/analyze the Right to Information Act drafted by the government of Bangladesh in accordance with the international standard and enrich the draft.

We hope the Bangla translation of the booklet Public’s Right to Know: International Standard Series, a production of Article 19 to play a positive role among the civil society, politicians, government and non government officials, mass media and others and to assist the current Right to Information Act 2008 to be enriched.

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