APC talks... in Spanish and French too

Don’t miss APC.org‘s blogs in Spanish and French too. Given APC’s base in Latin America, Spanish has been long used. But the French blog is a new initiative, thanks to APC information coordinator Frederic Dubois. Among other posts, the French blog has this story by Neila Charchour Hachicha who lists a dozen-and-half sites blocked by Tunisia, host to the WSIS and a government which claims it guarantees freedom of expression.

Sites blocked include Reporters sans Frontières, Parti Démocratique Progressiste, and the human rights network Ligue tunisienne des droits de l’Homme>.

Clio Bugel working on the Spanish blog, that has this story introducing the work of APC.org and more.


Your postings, comments, links to the blogs in all three languages are welcome — but preferably in blog format (short, with as many useful links, and focussed on WSIS-related issues and concerns).

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