AfriSIG 2018: Overview of the Internet Society’s Collaborative Internet Governance Project Workshop experience

The Internet Society’s Collaborative Internet Governance Project Workshop, facilitated by Larry Strickling and Fiona Asonga of the Internet Society (ISOC), evaluates different negotiation processes by exploring multiple case studies and scenarios. The purpose of the event is to help fellows from the school of internet governance to build their capacity for effective negotiation in complex, real-life situations.

Having run the event with fellows from the European School of Internet Governance (EuroSIG) and the African School of Internet Governance (AfriSIG), Strickling was able to offer some thoughts on each school’s response to the different case studies as well as their general performances.

Overall, Strickling found that both the European and African schools, held in Germany and Zanzibar respectively, drew intelligent, engaged and energetic fellows who brought an interesting range of professional experience and insight. Participants at both workshops performed well in the simulated exercises and engaged in high-level reflection and discussion around the topic of negotiation.

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