Japleen Pasricha
Japleen Pasricha 31 May 2017

Japleen smashes the patriarchy for a living. Founder & Editor-in-chief of Feminism in India, she is a feminist activist based in New Delhi, India. She is a writer, educator, campaigner and researcher. She has vast experience in digital media and online publishing. Her interest lies in women’s studies, global feminism, gender, sexuality, VAW, SRHR, feminist praxis and internet as a space. Currently she is working on media representation of gender-based violence, in the past she has worke...

Vera Vieira
Vera Vieira 09 November 2015

Vera Vieira is a journalist with a PhD in Communication Sciences, at the University of São Paulo. Her thesis focused on an action research on violence against women and the use of internet to amplify the Brazilian struggle to minimize it (Communication and Feminism: the possibilities of digital era). She is the executive director of NGO Associação Mulheres pela Paz, based in São Paulo city. Through the feminist popular education methodology, she has been focusing her work on trafficking i...

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