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1) APC websites

  • APC.org – News and information about the use of internet for social justice and sustainable development from and about APC and the network for the general public. Full versions available in English, Spanish and French and a limited version in Portuguese (which includes core info about APC and our projects, other info appears in English). There are three associated newsletters ( APCNews / APC Noticias / APC Nouvelles ) to which anyone can subscribe. Newsletters are distributed with graphics and/or in text.
  • Women and ICTs: Feminist Tech Exchange – The FTX website was created in 2008 when the first FTX took place. It was used both for public dissemination on the event and the content produced there and as a exchange space for participants. This platform is being used for future FTXs.
  • Women and ICTs: Take Back the Tech! – A global campaign on the connection between violence against women and ICTs. The site also agregates information feeds from all local campaigns. It’s also a workspace where people can upload and download resources, look for local campaigns or organisations that are joining the campaign, etc.
  • Women and ICTs: GenARDIS – GenARDIS stands for Gender, Agriculture and Development in the Information Society and is a small grants project run by APC for a number of collaborating partners. The website is used both for public dissemination on the project and the grantees and as a exchange space.

2) Social media

3) APC.org RSS feeds

4) Video and photosharing

5) Archived websites

All websites listed below are no longer updated.

  • Policy: LAC ICT policy monitor – Website on key Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) policy issues, both with aggregated and original content. There is an associated newsletter to which anyone can subscribe known as the Boletin . The site and newsletter are in Spanish.
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