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APC is looking for a publications and multimedia coordinator

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12 April 2017 (APCNews)

The Association for Progressive Communications (APC) is looking for someone with a background in strategic communications, multimedia design skills, and experience in coordinating the production of print and digital publications to join its communications team.

The selected candidate will be responsible for coordinating the production of all of APC’s publications, and ensuring that these (including graphic and multimedia products) are relevant, high quality, produced on time and reach target audiences. The publications and multimedia coordinator will be responsible for production of in-house graphics and multimedia products as needed, and for managing this process when outsourced.

This position requires you to work closely with the APC communications manager and the relevant staff from APC’s different programmes and projects.

Details about the remuneration package will be discussed with shortlisted candidates. The successful applicant should be available to begin as soon as possible, but ideally, no later than 15 May 2017. The deadline for applications is 25 April.

Location: The successful applicant may work from anywhere in the world provided they have internet access.

This will be a part-time position.1

Responsibilities include:

Publications production:

  • Coordinate the production of all of APC’s print, print-on-demand, digital (HTML) and e-book publications.
  • Participate in development of content plans for publications, liaising directly with content leads such as editors or project coordinators.
  • Develop briefs for design, layout and printing contractors.
  • Subcontract designers and evaluate performance.
  • Ensure high-quality content is produced by staff, freelance writers, translators and others in English, French and Spanish.
  • Supervise the design, layout and printing process for APC publications.
  • Cost publications production as needed for budgeting purposes.
  • Review, revise and document APC’s current collaborative publications production process.
  • Research and identify potential publishers.

Multimedia and graphic design:

  • In-house formatting of publications.
  • Develop in-house layout templates for different types of publications.
  • Design the layout of online multimedia and print outputs on demand.
  • Ensure the presence and consistency of APC’s visual identity in all multimedia and graphic outputs.
  • Assist with the production of APC’s Annual Report in multimedia format.
  • Contribute as necessary to the implementation of the look and feel on APC websites.

The ideal candidate:

  • Wants to work in a non-profit organisation that works for social justice, and has experience working with international organisations with a human rights, development and feminist perspective.
  • Has a strong background in multimedia and graphic design and strategic communications.
  • Is skilled at developing layout designs of different online and print outputs.
  • Has at least five years experience developing multimedia/graphic design outputs for media platforms and an understanding of internet publishing.
  • Is creative and loves to think of innovative ways of communicating messages using visual and multimedia resources.
  • Is very detail oriented and organised.
  • Has a deep understanding of publications processes from beginning to end: planning, design, coordination of contractors, online publishing and printing, dissemination in different formats and platforms, measuring impact.
  • Is a team player, with good coordination skills, and feels comfortable working with a team and contractors located in different parts of the world.
  • Has excellent English language skills.

If you would like to join APC’s communication team as our publications and multimedia coordinator, please send the following information to us at, along with your CV, with the subject line “*PubMedia Coordinator Application*”:

  • Your name, email, phone, location, native language, and gender.

An email/letter in English explaining:

  • Why you are interested in joining our team.
  • How you would you describe your design style.
  • What relevant personal, activist, professional and/or academic experience and expertise you have.
  • Three references.
  • Three examples of outputs (publication, video, audio, image/infographic, etc.) you have produced and that you are most proud of.
  • A brief critique of APC publications, as available on, including what we do well and your creative input about what we could improve. In particular, think creatively about new kinds of content formats, and ways in which technology can help to disseminate APC’s research and materials beyond “just” text.

1 Clarification on the position’s time commitment was added on 18 April 2017.


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