Environment & ICTs

StrawberryNet Foundation

StrawberryNet is an NGO network which is promoting the protection of the environment, sustainable development, democracy and human rights in Romania, using electronic telecommunication. It is organised as a self-coordination body of NGOs providing or using information and communication services. StrawberryNet’s legal status is that of a foundation.

Topic areas of expertise:
  • Environment & ICTs


520100 Sfântu Gheorghe
op.1, cp. 24

Tel: +40 788 350 150



We are a Network of over 2000 grassroots Community Development Workers (CDWs) drawn from non-governmental organizations, community- based organisations as well as government departments, all offering a form of extension service in their fields of expertise.

We are the people who act as a source of information and knowledge for the rest of the community out of duty or social responsibility.

Topic areas of expertise:
  • Access to information,
  • Environment & ICTs


AAYMCA Building, Along State House Crescent, Off State House Avenue

P.O. Box 10098
00100 Nairobi, G.P.O.
Tel: +254 20 2731557
Telefax: +254 20 2737813

Fantsuam Foundation

Fantsuam Foundation is a rural-based non-governmental organisation that works with local communities to fight poverty and disadvantage through integrated development programmes.

Topic areas of expertise:
  • Access to information,
  • Environment & ICTs,
  • Free software,
  • Gender & ICTs


No.1 Fantsuam Close
P O BOX 58 Bayan Loco, Kafanchan
Kaduna State
Tel: +2347030485364

BlueLink Information Network

BlueLink is a virtual network offering a broad variety of internet based services for all those interested in issues related to the environment, natural resources and sustainable development in Bulgaria. It is a place to post and obtain information about domestic and international environmental news, events, campaigns, activities, and projects, as well as a forum to communicate and exchange ideas among environmentally concerned people from Bulgaria and all over the world.

BlueLink is convenient for the rapid dissemination and updating of information, for active communication and joint-problem solving among people involved in the environmental decision-making on regional, national and international levels. It is enhancing information-sharing and networking among Bulgarian non-governmental organisations for the alleviation of environmental problems.

The people behind BlueLink work to raise the awareness and educate the local community as a whole about environmentally related issues.

Topic areas of expertise:
  • Access to information,
  • Environment & ICTs


22-24 Kapitan Andreev Str., apt.6
Sofia 1421, Bulgaria

Tel. +359 (0)2 8668207
Tel./Fax. +359 (0)2 8652860



EngageMedia is a media, technology and culture organisation focused on the strategic use of video to address critical social and environmental issues in the Asia-Pacific region.

EngageMedia works with independent film-makers, video activists, technologists, campaigners and social movements to generate wider audiences for their vital messages and move people to action.

EngageMedia aims to demystify and provide access to new video distribution technologies, create an online archive of independent video productions using open content licenses and to form a peer network of video makers, educators and screening organisations.

Topic areas of expertise:
  • Access to information,
  • Environment & ICTs,
  • Free software,
  • Freedom of expression,
  • ICT for development,
  • Media & ICTs,
  • Open access,
  • Strategic use of the internet


Australian office:
6/225 Bourke Street
Melbourne, 3000, Vic

Jakarta Office:
Jl. Pati Unus no. 9
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan
Indonesia, 12120

One World Platform

One World Platform envisions an active and efficient online community in South East Europe, unified in efforts to impact faster democratic developments and positive social change within civil societies of the region, and cooperating through interactive platforms at local, national, regional and international levels.

As a mission driven organization, owpsee has identified areas of special interest that will be the focus of our work between 2006 -2008: Local content in local languages – further developing our multimedia and multi-language portal, promoting and facilitating the production of local content by civil society organizations (CSOs) using new technologies; Capacity building, knowledge sharing/transfer – strengthening the abilities, role, and engagement of civil society organizations in Information Communication Technology (ICT); Networking and Regional cooperation models – expanding and strengthening the network(s) of CSOs. Two cross-cutting issues are an integral part of all our work: ‘Information and Communication Open Policy’ and a ‘Gender Sensitive Approach’.

Topic areas of expertise:
  • Environment & ICTs,
  • Free software,
  • Gender & ICTs,
  • Human rights & ICTs,
  • Training & ICTs


Josipa Vansasa 32
71000 Sarajevo
Tel: +387 (0)33 618461
Fax: +387 (0)33 618461