information and communication technology

Technology and tools that people use to share, distribute, gather information and to communicate with one another, one on one, or in groups. ICTs can be grouped into three categories. Information technology uses computers, which have become indispensable in modern societies to process data and save time and effort. Telecommunications technologies include telephones (with fax) and the broadcasting of radio and television, often through satellites. Networking technologies, of which the best known is the internet, also extend to mobile phone technology, voice over IP telephony (VoIP), satellite communications, and other forms of communication that are still in their infancy.

Style information: APC uses all small case for this term. We NEVER write "Information and Communication Technologies". Note that there is the option of using this term in the singular (information and communication technology, abbreviated as ICT) or plural (information and communication technologies, abbreviated as ICTs).

Source: APC

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