Chakula is the Swahili word for 'food'. We have named our Africa Policy Monitor newsletter Chakula because we believe that the information we will share will be a form of nourishment for organizations working in the field of ICTs for development in Africa.

CHAKULA Issue #19: Innovating access – a special focus on CPRafrica


1. The need for competitive research for policy influence – e- interview with Alison Gillwald

2. Balancing convergence: using Constitutional rights as a framework for policy decisions – e-interview with Indra de Lanerolle

3. Levelling the playing field through benchmarking – e-interview with Christoph Stork


CHAKULA Issue #18: CICEWA reports, news stories, discussions


1. Uganda: Milking a cow you don’t feed

2. Tanzania: A ‘pushy’ policy on broadband falls short

3. Rwanda: Upbeat, but policy gaps still niggle…

4. Kenya: Killing two birds with one stone


CHAKULA Issue #17: Global Information Society Watch (GISW) - Africa reports


1. Democratic Republic of the Congo (Lina Gjerstad, Alternatives)
2. Egypt (Leila Hassanin, ArabDev)
3. Ethiopia (Abebe Chekol, EFOSSNet)
4. Kenya (Alice W. Munyua and Muriuki Mureithi, KICTANet)
5. Nigeria (John Dada, Fantsuam Foundation)
6. South Africa (Charley Lewis, LINK Centre)

CHAKULA Issue #16: Opening access to Africa: Interviews and analyses

1. EASSy: MAPPING THE PLAYERSEASSy stakeholder analysis by Abiodun Jagun – Interview with Edmund Katiti, the policy and regulatory advisor to NEPAD’s e-Africa Commission – Interview with Isidoro Pedro da Silva, CRASA’s executive secretary – CIPESA speaks to Uganda Telecom’s Donald Nyakairu – What’s in a name? The controversy over the EASSy name change


CHAKULA Issue #14: 'Africa at the WSIS'- Joint newsletter with CIPACO

The aim of this joint newsletter by the Center for International ICT Policy Central and West Africa (CIPACO) of PIWA and the Association for Progressive Communications (APC), is to serve as a key resource and reference point for stakeholders interested in African ICT policy and WSIS issues.