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Net Gains: African Women Take Stock of Information and Communication Technologies

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By Colleen Lowe Morna and Zohra Khan (APC-Africa-Women/FEMNET)
, June 2000

Results of research commissioned by the Association of Progressive Communicators (APC)-Women-Africa and FEMNET, working with organizations like the ECA, in an attempt to ensure that the gender dimensions of ICTs in Africa are brought to the fore. These range from illiteracy and the absence of women from the scientific and technological fields to the way in which these technologies are applied which can either increase the alienation and disempowerment of women, or become a force for advancing gender equality.

The research forms part of a holistic APC-Africa-Women and FEMNET programme of activities related to the Beijing+5 process in Africa and internationally. Forty-two women from sixteen countries in east, west, north and southern Africa were interviewed, in addition to extensive research. The report outlines the issues and makes key recommendations.

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