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The History of APC (A collection of feature articles)

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By Various (APC)
, January 2001

A collection of feature articles produced for APC’s tenth anniversary of 2000.

Background articles on APC’s history include:

  • APC’s first decade: A chronological look at APC’s history
  • Enabling civil society participation in global policy-making: The APC and the United Nations
  • Interdoc: the first international non-governmental computer network
  • Mike Jensen and the code that stitched together the APC: The pre-internet days and early efforts at linking APC nodes
  • Need and chance: APC in the Global South and the rise of some strong Southern members
  • The Association for Progressive Communications and the networking of global civil society: APC at the 1992 Earth Summit
  • The founding of APC: Coincidences and logical steps in global civil society networking
  • Where do we go from here? APC after the internet explosion
  • Women’s networks and ICTs: The character, achievements and challenges past and present of the APC Women’s Networking Support Programme