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APCNews - November 16 2009 - Year X Issue 111

The Internet Governance Forum is the only space of its kind in the world – it acts as a “pressure relief valve” for some of the most important and controversial issues related to running of the global internet. The IGF is in its fourth year of existence and next year could be its last. APCNews brings you quickly up to date with a brief on the most pressing issues to be debated and introduces you to our two new publications – the second edition of the APC ICT Policy Handbook and Global Information Society Watch 2009 which is being called «terrific and far more comprehensive than anything I've seen in this area ».
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APC at the Fourth Internet Governance Forum

APC staff and members will be in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt at the fourth meeting of the Internet Governance Forum from November 15-18. We'll be running two workshops and launching two publications. Here's a quick video review of our activities or you can:
Read a brief from APC on the state of play at the Fourth Internet Governance Forum
Or download the brief (five pages):
Download the APC schedule (one page).  

Do you have a right to online knowledge?  Report shows open internet in danger

JOHANNESBURG (APC for APC/Hivos) – A new report that reveals how vulnerable the internet as we know it is, has just been published by two global civil society organisations.  The annual report, called Global Information Society Watch was released today by the Association for Progressive Communications and Dutch-funder Hivos. GISWatch 2009 is entitled Access to online information and knowledge – advancing human rights and democracy. More >>

The APC ICT policy handbook – second edition for the 2.0 generation

MONTEVIDEO (APC for APCNews) - In 2003, APC launched our first ICT policy handbook “for beginners” to critical acclaim. ICT policy was a relatively new area and very few really understood what was actually involved. The APC handbook was the first comprehensive guide for non-technicians. Now APC has published an entirely rewritten second edition free and online for anyone to download.  More >>

Creating a code of good practice in internet governance

Since the inception of the IGF, the Council of Europe, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and APC have been working on a joint initiative on public participation in internet governance. Now a draft code of good practice on transparency, information and participation in internet governance is ready for comment!

Read the background
Comment on the code

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