Press - what people say about APC-200906-8804

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APC’s efforts at engaging ICT and internet policy spaces has allowed FMA to participate in general governance spaces such as WSIS and the Internet Governance Forum. This engagement has allowed us—and APC in general—to be updated on the current state of play in terms of the content and agencies of internet governance—the issues, actors, and spaces—and has allowed us to position ourselves and our advocacies both in international and local contexts. It also allowed us to network with communities of practice and advocacy in specific areas of work (privacy/security, A2K, access etc) This has also helped sharpen FMA’s positions on key policy issues that it engages nationally (and to a lesser extent regionally, e.g., ASEAN).

This is related not only to APC’s facilitating member participation in the aforementioned spaces, but also in providing frameworks of content for our advocacies such as APC’s Internet Rights Charter – which has provided an overarching agenda for infocomms advocacy. The IRC provides invaluable content to our advocacy, and allows us to advance a social justice/rights-based agenda in ICT/internet/telecomms policy. APC has enabled us to engage in regional/national campaigns via policy researches, public forums, and capacity-building activities. APC allows members like us to be a relevant civil society actor in many of the content areas which the IRC tackles.

- Alan Alegre, Foundation for Media Alternatives, Philippines, May 2009