APCNews 102 – Mobile telecentres in Kenya, APC campaigns 2009-12

APCNews 102 – Mobile telecentres in Kenya, APC campaigns 2009-12

APCNews – June 11 2009 – Year X Issue 102
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In rural Kenya, containers are no longer synonymous with the transport of merchandise, but rather, the exchange of knowledge and information: ALIN has built mobile community knowledge centres that can be moved around the countryside providing internet access. Only just under one in twenty Kenyans are connected to the internet, according the Global Information Society Watch 2008 (GISWatch). GISWatch is an initiative by APC and partners that monitors and reports on the information society throughout the world and is now available in French. In the 2008 edition, there were country reports from 38 countries from every continent, and reports from countries are expected in the 2009 edition out later this year.


“Cybercafé in a container”: Rural Kenya’s mobile internet stations

CALGARY (LC for APCNews) – What do you do when you want to install a telecentre but there is no building available to house it. APC member Arid Lands Information Network has solved the problem by building cybercafe in shipping containers. These containers, known as maarifa (or knowledge) centres are fully equipped with computers and internet access and can be moved when the need arises.

APC-wide activities and campaigns for 2009-2012

MONTEVIDEO (APC for APC) – Since our inception, APC has been combining grass roots initiatives with local and national impact, with global experiences that amplify these impacts. An example of this is Take Back the Tech! – an international campaign that uses technology to fight against violence against women. We present this and other initiatives that the network hopes to be carrying on the next four years.

Internet watchdog report now in French

JOHANNESBURG (APC for GISWatch 2008) – APC is pleased to announce that Global Information Society Watch (GISWatch) which is available in English for download at www.giswatch.org and is available in print upon request, is now also available in French on the GISWatch website. GISWatch is an annual watchdog report which this year asks: How do we ensure access to the internet is a human right enjoyed by everyone? The report highlights the importance of people’s access to information and communications technology infrastructure, and where and how countries are getting it right (or wrong), and what can be done about it. This edition, which focuses on access to internet and internet penetration, explores the challenges related to internet access in almost 40 countries, and includes six regional reports, and several thematic reports.



APC strategic plan
Overview of 2009-12


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