APCNews – February 26 2009 - Year X Issue 95

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APCNews - February 26 2009 - Year X Issue 95

The internet and other communications technologies can be a double-edged sword where women’s equality is concerned. A woman may feel safer going out at night with a mobile phone to hand but a jealous partner can use it to check up on where she is and what she’s doing. The internet is a prime venue for pornography but also one of the only outlets some oppressed communities have to express themselves. The APC women’s programme has just launched two initiatives, one to continue their work to use technology to fight violence against women on and offline and the other looking at how sexuality is really lived on the internet. Read on... 
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EroTICs - sexuality and the internet
Researchers needed

Cheaper broadband for South Africa
March 24 meeting

EroTICs: An exploratory research project into sexuality and the internet

MONTEVIDEO (APC WNSP for APC) - What is “harmful content” on the internet? The definition is contestable, subjective and open to a range of interpretations, and the majority of interventions to combat it are mostly concerned with obscenity and child pornography. Sexual rights workers are troubled by the growing role of conservative forces – supported by religious extremists – and their attempts to encourage new legislation that would treat all online sexual exchanges as sexual predation and all adult content on the internet as pornography. This protectionist approach overshadows other important aspects of the internet that directly impact on internet users’ lives and their ability to access to vital information on sexuality, sexual health and sexual rights. EroTICs, an exploratory research just starting at APC, aims to narrow the gap between political assumptions and a better understanding of content and “harm” based on women’s real experience of sexuality online. More >> 

Background to EroTICs – a new research project on sexuality and the internet

MONTEVIDEO (Katerina Fialova and Jac sm Kee for APC) - The APC women’s programme looks at the current climate internationally regarding “harmful content” on the internet and explains the raison d’etre of their current exploration into the world of sexuality online. More >>

New project: Strengthening women's strategic use of ICTs to combat violence against women and girls

MONTEVIDEO (APC WNSP for APC) - Marginalised women, teenage girls and women in armed conflict in ten countries will be the people most likely to benefit in a project launched in January 2009 by the APC women’s programme to tackle what the UN has called a “global epidemic of violence against women”. More >>

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