APCNews – February 13 2009 - Year X Issue 94

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APCNews - Februrary 13 2009 - Year X Issue 94

Here at APC over the past couple of years we’ve been looking into how activists particularly in developing countries are using social networking tools. This week colleagues of ours in India surprised us by joining a Facebook group called A Consortium of Pub-going, Loose and Forward Women. The group turns out to be a witty campaign against an ultra-conservative organisation that has condemned Valentine’s Day and the growing tendency of young Indians to go to pubs and clubs as a pro-Western conspiracy. Has social networking come of age in urban India? Will the “friends” of “Pub-going [..] Women” step out of the virtual world and stand up for the real cause on February 14th? We’ll be waiting to find out and in the meantime we talk the Third World Institute about their experience as an NGO starting to use Facebook to promote social change. 
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Choike, a different kind of Facebook “friend”

MONTEVIDEO (APCNewS) - Facebook is not just a way to get back in touch with old classmates from school or see what your “friends” are up to. Activists around the world are taking advantage of this new virtual space to expand their reach and establish more immediate and interactive contact with individuals and organisations from an ever wider range of backgrounds. ITeM, an APC member in Uruguay, talked with APCNoticias about how it is using this web-based tool, and shared some practical advice for others who are experimenting with social networks and other Web 2.0 tools. More >> 

APC’s latest annual report now available to millions in India and Pakistan

MONTEVIDEO (KAH for APCNews) - Back in 2007, when APC members and staff got together to translate and print the APC internet rights charter in twenty languages, campaigners in Asian countries in particular pointed out that information about information and communications technologies (ICT) is usually only available in English. “In Pakistan, not even the government provides basic ICT policy information in Urdu,” Bytes for All’s Shahzad Ahmad told APC. Now APC’s latest annual report is available in Urdu, a language spoken by 265 million people. Shahzad Ahmad talked to APCNews about the importance of this publication in his part of the world. More >>

Radio France International talks to Tanzanian rural telecentre pioneer

MONTEVIDEO (LC for APCNews) - The Family Alliance for Development and Cooperation (FADECO) has come a long way since 1993, when Joseph Sekiku and friends formed an alliance to help overcome poverty in north-western Tanzania. Starting as a network of people sharing an internet connection, the small telecentre eventually became a computer literacy training station, an internet café, and has expanded to an informative radio station reaching two million listeners, many of whom are farmers. Radio France International interviewed Joseph after his story was featured in an APC study called Unbounded possibilities: Observations on sustaining rural ICTs. Listen to the interview (off-site). More >>

APC job vacancy: Assistant to the executive director and grant administrator

JOHANNESBURG (APC for APC) - APC is looking for a bright, energetic person who can assist our executive director and provide strong liaison with the organisations who finance our work. The successful candidate will like to write, enjoy working in an international team online, and will play a real role in the future sustainability of the APC, one of the longest running online networks for social justice in the world. Deadline for applications is February 20.
 More >>

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