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APCNews - September 03 2008 - Year IX Issue 86

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APCNews - September 03 2008 - Year IX Issue 86

In this edition we outline APC’s strategic priorities for the next five years. Access for all and critical engagement with emerging technologies are top priorities. APC women’s newsletter Gender Centred takes a close look at online crime and harassment; something that worries many people about going online. We also look at women’s use of telecentres in Uganda.
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The Andes
Bringing down the price of broadband

APC sets priorities

MONTRÉAL (FD for APCNews) – APC members identified seven areas of strategic importance that APC should prioritise for the next five years during the APC council meeting held in Rio de Janeiro in November 2007. Some of these areas build on work we have been doing since 2000, such as internet rights, for example; others are new. Two of the seven priorities relate specifically to strengthening the capacity and sustainability of APC. We offer you an overview of APC’s strategic priorities for 2008-2012. More >>

Gender Centred this month: Cybercrime and women

PRAGUE ( – This month, APC women’s GenderIT bulletin investigates online crime, cyberstalking, and asks how women are being affected. In “Finding a difficult balance – Human rights, law enforcement and cyber violence against women” Mavic Cabrera-Balleza speaks to activists from South Africa and the USA. Wieting Xu looks at cybercrime in India. Argentinian lawyer Carlos Gregorio argues that “Cybercrime laws are not enough, there is also a need for education”.And Ramata Soré discovers that in Burkina Faso women are theperpetrators as well as the victims of internet fraud. More >>

APC and UgaBYTES join forces to evaluate gender and ICTs

BUWAMA (Francis Mwathi for UgaBYTES) – On the 6th of August 2008, Dafne Plou an APC facilitator on the Gender Evaluation Methodology with telecentres touched down in Uganda on a mission of evaluating how ICTs impact the community within gender lines. More >>

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