APCNews 190 - Ecuador's new law; FX in Macedonia - 01/07/13

APCNews – 1 July 2013 – Year XII Issue 190
The news service on ICTs for social justice and sustainable development

Ecuador’s new Communications Law: Progress on access and spectrum allocation, but a reverse for freedom of expression

MONTEVIDEO (AL for APCNews) Ecuador has approved a communications law that recognises the right of universal access to information and communication technologies (ICTs) and fairly apportions the frequency spectrum; on the other hand, it poses a threat to freedom of expression.

Network news: Freedom of expression under threat in Macedonia

JOHANNESBURG (AG for APCNews) APC and Metamorphosis Foundation made a joint-submission to the United Nations Universal Periodic Review in light of recent legislative threats to freedom of opinion and expression, freedom of press, privacy and security, and hate speech.

APC leaders inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame

MONTREAL (MK for APCNews) APC Executive Director Anriette Esterhusyen and Finance Manager Karen Banks have been inducted by the Internet Society into the Internet Hall of Fame. They were honoured in the category of Global Connectors as individuals who have made significant contributions to the global growth and use of the internet.

Freedom Online Coalition: Governments should take action to protect rights

TUNISIA (APC for APCNews) APC and other civil society organisations participating at the Freedom Online Conference called governments to protect the human rights of all people online, not just those of their own citizens.



Civil society letter to US Congress on internet and telecommunications surveillance

US-based surveillance and data collection: New UN report provides guidance on PRISM

Internet rights are human rights: Training modules


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