APCNews 189 - Campaigns to protect human rights online - 18/06/13

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Civil society letter to US Congress on internet and telecommunications surveillance

MONTEVIDEO (AL for BestBits) After revelations of systematic surveillance by the US government, APC and other civil society organizations call the US Congress to take immediate action to dismantle existing, and prevent the creation of future, global internet and telecommunications based surveillance systems. More >

US-based surveillance and data collection: New UN report provides guidance on PRISM

WINNIPEG (Shawna Finnegan and Carly Nyst for APCNews and Privacy International) As leaked classified documents reveal widespread surveillance by the US National Security Agency, the latest report by the UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of opinion and expression, Frank La Rue, examines implications of States’ surveillance of communications on fundamental rights. More >

#FBrape campaign and the necessary debate

(FF for GenderIT.org) The Take action to end gender-based violence on Facebook, or #FBrape campaign, co-signed by the APC Women´s Rights Programme, triggered interesting, timely and necessary debates around freedom of expression, censorship, privacy and intermediary liability. Read the collection of GenderIT.org Feminist Talk posts that reflect some of the discussion around these hot topics. More >

New wireless technologies allow internet and broadcasting to coexist on airwaves

DAKAR (MJ for APCNews) Unused radio spectrum, known was TV white space, can provide a low-cost solution for providing internet access to people living in remote and rural areas in Africa. APC along with other ICT policy makers and experts from 35 countries gathered together in Dakar to discuss this new approach to connectivity. More >

Mike Jensen joins APC’s policy programme

MONTREAL (MK for APCNews) Originally from South Africa and now living in rural Bahia, the newest staff member of APC’s policy programme has actually been a part of APC since before the network was officially formed. More >

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