APCNews 180 – Internet and corruption : GISW 2012 now out! – 11/02/13

APCNews 180 – Internet and corruption : GISW 2012 now out! – 11/02/13

APCNews – February 11 2013 – Year XIII Issue 180
The news service on ICTs for social justice and sustainable development

The internet and corruption : Inhibitor or enabler to a fair society?

CALGARY (LC for APCNews) – While hidden cameras can document and flag human rights abuses by authoritarian governments, these same videos can then be used to identify dissidents who are later detained and tortured, explains David Sasaki in his introduction to this year’s Global Information Society Watch (http://www.giswatch.org/en/report-introduction/introduction-new-omnipres...), which focuses on transparency and accountability online.

New: Update on freedom of expression progress for 10 countries

BERLIN (FD for GISWatch) – The 2012 update on action steps for selected countries of GISWatch 2011 looks back at progress in freedom of expression and association for 10 countries: Jamaica, Rwanda, Lebanon, Romania, Indonesia, Cameroon, Argentina, Brazil, India and Nigeria.

APC launches Digital security first-aid kit for human rights defender

MONTREAL (APC) – The Association for Progressive Communications today released a new resource “Digital security first-aid kit for human rights defenders.” It is an interactive website publication available online at http://rights.apc.org/infosec

New paper from APC and the Internet Society connects internet protocols and human rights

BERLIN (Joy Liddicoat and Avri Doria for APC) - “Like
Internet protocols, human rights standards attempt to articulate
principles that will apply universally over time, as ideas and conditions
evolve,” a new paper argues. Commissioned by the Association for
Progressive Communications and the Internet Society, the issue paper
released today compares the standards-making processes as well as the
principles underlying human rights on the one hand and Internet protocols
on the other.



Ushahidi: an important tool to keep track of gender based violence incidence

Azerbaijan: Prominent blogger, journalist and human rights defenders arrested

Monitoring and defending freedom of expression and privacy on the internet in South Africa

Violence against women and ICTs: Map it! End it!


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