APCNews 175 – Maps, violence against women, update on internet rights – 22/10/12

APCNews – October 22 2012 – Year XII Issue 175
The news service on ICTs for social justice and sustainable development

Putting eVAW on the map: APC and partners launch first-of-its-kind online map

CALGARY (LC for APCNews) – Recent acts of violence against teenage girls Amanda Todd and Malala Yousafzai have sparked discussion about the internet’s role in perpetuating violence against women. One of the ways APC has been working to end technology-based violence against women is through a new mapping project that will help document such cases.

African women techies get their map on and build a greater community

CALGARY (LC for APCNews) – It is not uncommon for women and girl techies to be patronised, harassed or discouraged by male colleagues. The @AsikanaNetwork is a group of women in technology who want to provide support for each other and help further their skills in a safe environment.

Update on internet rights: Special GISWatch 2011 edition

MONTREAL (MK for APCNews) – This special edition of Global Information Society Watch 2011, “Internet rights and democratisation: focus on freedom of expression and association online” features updates from six countries on the state of internet rights and an introduction from the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Jillian York.

Focus on internet and human rights in South Africa: Interview with Jane Duncan

JOHANNESBURG (Alan Finlay for APCNews) – “South Africa has adopted some of the more problematic elements of the new post-9/11 surveillance regime, many of which have been authored in supposedly liberal democracies, while failing to incorporate key safeguards that may have been incorporated in these democracies,” says Jane Duncan in an interview for the forthcoming Global Information Society Watch.



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