APCNews 167 – ICTs play a key role in world events this summer – 02/07/12

APCNews – July 2 2012 – Year XII Issue 167
The news service on ICTs for social justice and sustainable development

Internet improves access to health care for sex workers in the Olympics area of London

PRAGUE (Katerina Fialova for GenderIT.org) – The 2012 Olympic Games are already having quite an impact on sex workers in London. The Open Doors team of nurses has for years relied on its knowledge of East London brothels to provide critical sexual health advice, checkups and free condoms. In the run up to the Olympics, police have closed a number of brothels over the last 12 months.

Juba, the world’s first open source city?

JUBA (Sthephen Kovats for r0g media) – In the age of social networks, citizen media and digital collaboration, #OSJUBA seeks to apply the means and tools of creative open source culture to post-conflict development. #OSJUBA hosts their first event on June 21, 2012 in Berlin to mobilise free culture, accessible technologies and hacktivist communities in creating a vision for the new capital of South Sudan.

Rio+20: A voice from Dhaka, Bangladesh

DHAKA (Ahmed Swapan Mahmud for VOICE) – As sustainable development was being discussed in the UN Conference Rio+20, The Guardian asked a number of activists and researchers what they thought about the conference and which changes they had seen since the first summit 20 years ago. Read what APC member VOICE’s Ahmed Swapan Mahmud had to say about Bangladesh.



Internet: APC sees progress in the full recognition of the freedom of association and assembly

New report: “Mobile Southeast Asia 2012: Crossroads of Innovation”

Online censorship in South Africa: Protecting or policing?

Internet Governance Forum: “We want laws that will take us forward”

Open spectrum for development: latest news

New guide for policy makers on ICTs and climate change

Freedom of expression and the internet: how to reconcile practice and principles?

Critically absent: Advocacy tool kit for women in internet governance

EROTICS findings: Sex, rights and the internet


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