APCNews 153 – TBTT2011 begins, GreeningIT in Bangladesh & Mexico – 28/11/11

APCNews 153 – TBTT2011 begins, GreeningIT in Bangladesh & Mexico – 28/11/11

APCNews – November 28 2011 – Year XI Issue 153
The news service on ICTs for social justice and sustainable development

Map it. End it. Take Back the Tech!

MONTEVIDEO (APC WNSP for APCNews) – We call on campaigners to collectively gather evidence for transformation, strengthen our capacity for safer experiences online and amplify our rights in addressing technology-related violence against women. Take control of technology to end violence against women.
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To DVB-T or not to DVB-T? Ghanaian committee must make up its mind

CALGARY (LC for APCNews)  – As West Africa’s fifteen countries migrate to digital TV by 2015, the people responsible for the change-over in Ghana have been struggling to determine which technology to use. Meanwhile the process hasn’t developed much and most Ghanaians have not been informed of this upcoming migration, says the author of new research carried out for APC.

Bangladesh: Focus on climate change means that e-waste has been ignored

CALGARY (LC for APCNews) – Bangladesh has committed to becoming “Digital Bangladesh” by 2021. But fifteen years after liberalising the telecommunications industry, the country faces a significant e-waste problem. And because e-waste belongs to no specific sector but rather, crosses over into several, it is a challenge to create any policies for its management and disposal, says a new report commissioned by APC and written by Partha Sarker and Munir Hassan. 

Mexico: ICT and environmental policies must be linked

MONTEVIDEO (AF for APCNews) – There is a lack of awareness in Mexico of the environmental harm caused by the present models of production, consumption and disposal of electronic waste. However, there is also a lack of awareness of the positive role that ICT can play in mitigating climate change.



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