APCNews 148 – Ewaste, human rights, digital migration, IGF – 05/09/11


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Where does your laptop come from?

MONTEVIDEO (AF for APCNews) - It’s normal to buy a new laptop when we can afford it. But do you know about the waste or the environmental damage that result from its production? See this new APC video to learn more. More>


Sweden to propose expert panel on internet and human rights at the UN

WELLINGTON (APC) - At the 18th session of the UN Human Rights Council, the Swedish government will propose a resolution to establish an expert panel to investigate the question of human rights on the internet. “This is really fantastic news,” said Joy Liddicoat, a lawyer and head of APC’s Connect Your Rights! Campaign. More>

Digital TV in West Africa: Who's taking the plunge and how?

CALGARY (LC for APCNews) Of West Africa’s sixteen countries, only a handful have committed in earnest to the move to digital broadcasting – though Africans have signed up to migrate by June 2015. New research from APC with Balancing Act gives an overview of the state of the transition and recommendations for countries. More>

Issue papers for Southern African IGF good preparation for Nairobi

JOHANNESBURG (Alex Comninos for APC/SANGONeT) – New issue papers on cloud computing,mobile phones, privacy and security, critical internet resources, and access and diversity are a good introduction to some of the issues upcoming at the Sixth Internet Governance Forum. More>

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