APCNews 146 – APC annual report, History of APC, Pakistan Twitterati – 01/08/11


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APC Annual Report 2010: 20 years of online networking for social justice

MONTEVIDEO (APC) - The Take Back the Tech! fund which disbursed $240,000 to 61 grassroots groups is one of the very few forward-looking small grants that funds tech initiatives to fight violence against women. This and other initiatives covered in APC's latest annual report. More>


Video: A history of APC

CALGARY (LC for APCNews) In the early 1980s as the Cold War intensified the internet was only open to the military and academia. Commercial email networks existed but were unconnected. Watch APC's video produced to celebrate our 20 years networking online.  More>
View a longer version of APC's history in PDF

Most influential Twitterati in Pakistan include 5 working to end violence against women

MONTEVIDEO (APC for APCNews) - The Express Tribune has named 5 Take Back the Tech! campaigners as among the most influential "Twitterati" in Pakistan.  Thanks to the MDG3 funding, these women are using ICTs to raise the visibility of violence against women on and offline.  More>

Pakistan blocks sex, drugs AND rock and roll

OTTAWA 12 July 2011 (GJ for APCNews) -- Pakistani authorities have blocked Rolling Stone magazine’s website for criticising the country’s level of military spending. But other banned sites are back online, APC has been informed. More>

The mobile internet from a human rights perspective

MONTEVIDEO (Pablo Accuosto for APC) - While mobile phones are being used to protest against repressive regimes and to track human rights abuses, they have also been used as surveillance instruments against activists. These policy briefs examine the potential of mobile phones from a human rights perspective.  More>

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APC Strategic Priorities 2009-2012

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APC expresses concern over OECD Communique on principles for internet policy-making

Closer Than Ever: A guide for social change organisations who want to start working online

How to design an online campaign: A toolkit

Digital Broadcast Migration in West Africa: Collected research

Human Rights Council: Oral statement by APC on violence against women

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