APCNews 144 – New guides for online workers, Gay Girl in Damascus– 27/06/11


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Closer than ever: A guide for social change organisations who want to start working online

GISWatch 2010 report cover

MONTEVIDEO (KAH for APCNews)  APC has been working online since the late 1980s so it's no wonder that a wealth of experience has been captured regarding how to best do social justice work remotely. Margarita Salas interviewed 60 people in the network about their experiences and shares their recommendations and views in a new guide. More>


How to design an online campaign: A toolkit

MONTEVIDEO (AL for APCNews) - APC and Violence is Not our Culture have just released a manual with essential and practical information for anyone who needs to work online securely. And that's all of us. More>

“Gay girl in Damascus” needs to Man Up, says APC

MONTEVIDEO (APC for APC) - Tom MacMaster’s masquerading as blogger activist “Gay Girl in Damascus” was harmful, say APC in a statement, and endangers the right to use the internet anonymously.  More>

APC sparks debate at UN over internet rights 

OTTAWA (GJ for APCNews) - In the wake of APC's side event on freedom of expression at the Human Rights Council's 17th session, the UN has been debating the subject of human rights and how they apply to the internet.  APC's Connect Your Rights! campaign is off to a good start. More>

First Latin American and Caribbean convention of Internet Governance

QUITO (APC for APCNews) - The Fourth Regional Preparatory Meeting for the Internet Governance Forum will take place from August 8-11 in the city of Port Spain, Trinidad and Tobago co-hosted by APC. More>

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