APCNews 138 – Spectrum in Brazil, Wikileaks – 28/3/11


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APCNewsMarch 28 2011 – Year XI Issue 138 • APC has always considered access to the internet as a basic right.  The Brazilian government is using a combination of fibre optics and wireless technology to bring broadband to people that have been historically excluded from access to basic services.  But this right to the internet doesn't just apply to those living poverty: today the world is witnessing unprecedented threats to freedom of expression, as shown by the recent efforts of the United States government against the founders and supporters of Wikileaks.

Brazil: high-speed connections reach excluded populations over the airGISWatch 2010 report cover

MONTEVIDEO (AL for APCNews) - The problem of internet access in a country the size of Brazil is as complex as its geography or its population. The government is currently working on a national broadband plan which would establish high-speed fibre optic connections in the major cities. In order to reach the most distant towns, signals transmitted over the air will be used (through waves that circulate on a set frequency or spectrum). In this article we will review the trends in Brazil regarding regulation of this resource. More>

WikiLeaks: Human rights of whistleblowers under attack, says APC

TAGBILARAN (APC for APCNews) – If we don’t consider the recent actions —particularly by the US government— against people connected to WikiLeaks as human rights violations, then a dangerous precedent is set says APC in a statement. The human rights of the director of WikiLeaks Julian Assange and suspected WikiLeaks informer Bradley Manning should be guaranteed by international law. More>

Gender studies centre and women’s rights guide book launched in Cambodia

PHNOM PHEM (KB for APCNews) –  APC member Open Institute, a non-profit and non-government organisation in Cambodia, launched both the Centre as well as a women’s rights guide book in December as part of APC’s campaign: Take Back the Tech! to end violence against women. Take Back the Tech!, which advocates the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) to stop gender-based violence, is one of APC’s initiatives to achieve the third Millenium Development Goal on equality for women. More>

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