APCNews 123 – History of APC, Pakistan censorship

APCNews – July 1 2010 – Year XI Issue 123
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“The whole idea was that information is enormously powerful,” recalls early APC member Roberto Bissio. In the mid-1980s the internet was still a disconnected set of separate government and commercial networks. The people who found the APC in 1990 were determined to provide cheap instantaneous communications to progressive organisations worldwide by breaking down technological and commercial barriers and connecting the networks. From anti-apartheid South Africa to Indian ecologists, from US peace activists to women’s groups working in Eastern Europe, APC networks pioneered their use of technology and made it possible for the first global actions to take place.


The internet is a “radically different” place because of APC

MONTEVIDEO (Frederick Noronha and Karen Higgs) – The pioneering work of APC founders in the mid-1980s helped establish the internet as a public and open platform for global communications and the decisions they took created an open network, years before the first web page was written. “We would open up the networks at a time when commercial operators were intent on keeping their systems as isolated islands,” says founder Mitra. By 1992, APC was connecting non-profits in over 90 countries. Frederick Noronha and Karen Higgs delve into APC’s past to commemorate APC’s twenty years networking online for social justice and sustainable development.
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NOW IN FRENCH AND SPANISH: Do you have a right to online knowledge? Report shows open internet in danger

JOHANNESBURG (APC for APCNews) – A major report that reveals how vulnerable the internet as we know it is, has just been published in French and Spanish by two global civil society organisations. The annual report, called Global Information Society Watch (GISWatch), was launched in November by the Association for Progressive Communications and Dutch development agency Hivos. GISWatch 2009 is entitled “Access to online information and knowledge – advancing human rights and democracy”. The full publication is now available in French , and an abridged version in Spanish.
Read Global Information Society Watch: http://www.giswatch.org

Confidential Pakistani document reveals plans for stricter control of the internet and freedom of expression

ISLAMABAD (Bytes for All for APCNews) – Since May 20, Pakistan has experienced a wave of strict internet content control with thousands of web pages blocked following a Facebook campaign inviting users to “Draw Muhammad”. The Facebook campaign pushed Pakistani authorities to actively engage in blocking and filtering internet content, leaving Pakistani citizens powerless against the online blanket ban. Further plans by the government to continue to filter any content it considers “objectionable” have been revealed in a confidential document obtained by APC member Bytes for All. “These new guidelines will give Pakistan’s government the power to cripple Pakistani citizens’ access to information and freedom of expression over the internet,” say internet rights activists.

Special FAO online forum to discuss Gender, ICTs and rural livelihoods

CAPE TOWN (Jennifer Radloff for APC Africa Women) – From 5 – 16 July 2010, a special online forum being hosted on e-agriculture.org will discuss the issues surrounding gender, ICTs and rural livelihoods. The forum will be moderated by the APC’s Jennifer Radloff as part of the Gender, agriculture and rural development in the information society (GenARDIS) project. Join e-agriculture and GenARDIS for this forum, which will look at what has and has not worked, good practices, as well as the critical area of capacity building and what can be done to empower women and men in playing a more vital role in ICTs for agriculture and rural development.

Survey: How has funding changed in the ICT for social change arena?

MONTREAL (Chad Lubelsky for APC) – As part of its Network of networks project for a free and open internet, the APC is conducting a survey to examine how funding is changing within the ICT for social change arena. The survey will also examine the possibilities for creating an annual civil society summit on ICT public policy. The survey only takes about ten minutes and results will be shared with the community. Please complete the survey before Monday 5 July 2010.



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