APCNews 117 – Peruvian farmers, Bolivian broadband

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APCNews – March 25 2010 – Year XI Issue 117

In the 1990s, Andean countries – Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela – liberalised and privatised the telecomms sector but the policies were a dismal failure. Almost 20 years on the Andean region has some of the worst connectivity statistics of all Latin America. Only 4 in 100 Bolivians have internet access. Of the four, two will have broadband connections but out-of-date telephone systems will force the other two to use dial-up only at speeds so slow that viewing YouTube or interactive news sites will be virtually impossible. From 2008 APC looked at what had gone wrong. Our detailed national reports produced with an eye on influencing the policy debate in Latin America are now collected online together with summaries of main points to emerge in the research. This APCNews includes the final summary – on the state of play in Bolivia.
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Peru’s farmers lack information: Why are telecentres being underused? 

NEW YORK (AL and KAH for APC) – Smallholders in the desert region of Huaral depend on irrigation cooperatives to water their crops. For ten years one coop association has been developing an information system based on telecentres to help them to make informed agricultural decisions. But the system is being under-utilised and they decided to find what was going wrong. Using APC’s Gender Evaluation Methodology (GEM) they found that older people and women over 40 were being left behind. While decision-making spaces are still mainly all-male, at least some issues identified by women are now on the table.
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Broadband in Bolivia: Good intentions and a long way to go

MONTEVIDEO (Orlando Arratia and AL for APCNews) – The Bolivian government is focusing on telecentres as a means of bringing internet access to the population, especially in rural and marginalised areas. But according to researcher Orlando Arratia, the structural problems that currently limit connectivity cannot be resolved until the government adopts a national broadband policy. More >>

Fifteen years later: Beijing action platform just keeping its head above water

PRAGUE (GenderIT.org for APC) – The Beijing conference in 1995 left participants feeling hope and anticipation for the change that was about to come for women and girls across the world. Fifteen years later, the Beijing + 15 conference in New York city is taking look at how close we have come to ending violence against women. The GenderIT.org team tracks the elusive “J-spot”, (section J in the UN Beijing action platform that calls for action in the area of media policy on gender issues, the image of women in the media, and increased participation in decision making) and analyses its progress. While headway has been made in these major areas, somethings also seem to have been overlooked – emerging issues related to privacy and security, especially how new technologies like cell phones can infringe on privacy and personal safety were not addressed. This issue of GenderIT.org digs a littler deeper into the conference, the action platform and what’s to come. APC at the UN Commission on the Status of Women. More >>

Calling all readers in the USA: Survey on content filtering in public libraries

NEW YORK (Sex Work Awareness for APC) – APC has teamed up with Sex Work Awareness in a study to look at content filtering systems in public libraries with internet access in the United States, with an eye towards reproductive health and sexuality. Find out more and take the survey!. More >>

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