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Ugandan MDG3 partner WOUGNET produces radio jingles on VAW and ICTs

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Berna Ngolobe

Over the last two years Women of Uganda Network has explored the use of various ICTs media including social media like Facebook, Twitter, Care2 petitionsite; SMS; websites among others to strengthen the fight against VAW.

As part of APC’s initiative MDG3: Take Back the Tech! to end violence against women, WOUGNET is currently running Radio Jingles on Capital Radio (91.3 FM) and Radio One – Akaboozi Kubiri (87.9FM). The Radio Jingles are aired at 11.30am and 9.30 pm; and 8.47am and 6.35 pm respectively.

Join us in the campaign to stop VAW using ICTs.

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WOUGNET’s work on VAW & ICTs

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