New manual teaches how to bypass censorship over the internet

Author's name: 
David Lightman

Governments surveillance and filtration on the internet is increasing. The free-flow of information and the possibilities brought on by new information and communication technologies have become threats to the authoritarian regimes of the world.

In these countries, internet users must learn to bypass the control mechanisms that have been implemented by their governments.

In response to this need, the site How to Bypass Internet Censorship helps users understand how internet censorship works, understand safe practices, and what circumvention tools exist.

This work comes as the result of collaboration between several specialists in network safety and was made possible by open source organisation, Floss Manual.

You can download the book for free in .pdf or .html format. Currently, site content is currently only available in English, but translations into Arabic, Burmese, Chinese, Farsi, French, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese are underway.

You can also view video presentations by some of the book’s authors, some of which have already been translated into the aforementioned languages.

If you know anyone in countries that are renown for their control over the internet, do not hesitate to share this information with them.

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