APCNews 103 – Income generation for rural women

APCNews – July 2 2009 – Year X Issue 103
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The Gender, Agriculture and Rural Development in the Information Society (GenARDIS) small grants fund was created to support work at the grassroots level with women working in agriculture and rural development in the African, Caribbean and Pacific regions. Grants of up to 8000 euros have been awarded in 2003, 2005 and 2008 to groups of and working with mainly rural women smallholders. Previous grantees include the Manegbzanga Association who used GenARDIS funds to provide basic French language and technology training for 30 women in Burkina Faso. Trainees are now able to use computers to write reports and communicate via internet. In Lesotho, rural women used cell phones to expand their traditional communications networks that previously took place at the water-well. This APCNews features the plans of two grantees from 2008 from the Dominican Republic and Nigeria. The grantees finalise their work in 2010.


Women farmers in Nigeria “meet” via radio and mobile phone

NIGERIA (GenARDIS) – “Majelissar Mata Manoma: A meeting place for women farmers connecting with radio and mobile phones” is a project being implemented by the African Radio Drama Association, one of this year’s GenARDIS small grants grantees. The project combines technologies with Gbagyi women farmer’s specific needs and addresses the issues that disempower them, both traditional (cultural beliefs, poverty, social exclusion, etc.) and relatively recent (such as climate change).

Dominican women use technology to better run their cooperatives

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC (GenARDIS) – In La Ciénaga, Dominican Republic, almost half of all families are headed by single women and 85% of the inhabitants live below the poverty line. Fundación Taigüey, GenARDIS small grants winner is helping rural Dominican women better manage their cooperatives using new tools and the internet.

To find out more about GenARDIS: http://genardis.apcwomen.org/



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