APCNews – April 30 2009 - Broadband campaign, community internet

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APCNews - April 30 2009 - Year X Issue 99

Broadband internet should be an essential facility along with other basic services such as water, sewerage and electricity, and access to the internet should be a public right. That’s what APC believes, and that’s what thousands of South Africans are also saying in a new campaign which wants all towns and villages to be hooked up to high-speed internet by 2014. APCNews follows the campaign. And we cover the story of a rural town of 22,000 in Bolivia which has connected its own citizens and is challenging national and local government to use its example as a model.
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Thousands of South Africans sign up to campaign for cheaper broadband

MONTEVIDEO (KAH for APCNews) – South Africa is on the cusp of major broadband infrastructure roll-out. Seacom, a submarine cable initiative, will link South Africa to India and Europe by mid-2009, breaking the state monopoly and bringing down the cost of international bandwidth. And the new government isn’t ready for this, say a coalition of South Africans. So to help, they’ve put together a policy framework that could ensure that broadband develops so that all South Africans benefit and that’s been signed up to by thousands of their compatriots. More >> 

The BroadBand4Africa coalition explains what’s behind the South African campaign

JOHANNESBURG (BroadBand4Africa) – Does broadband really make a difference to economic growth? Are there other similar broadband campaigns elsewhere in Africa? The South Africa broadband campaign has answers to these questions on its campaign site www.broadband4africa.org.za. APC has translated this essential information into French and Portuguese for our African readers and Spanish for Latin American readers fed up of paying over the odds for what’s now the basic internet connectivity required to access today’s interactive sites. (Links to the other languages can be found at the bottom of the page). More >>

A rural area in Bolivia connects its institutions with the world via internet

MONTEVIDEO (Natalia Uval for APCNews) – In San Ignacio de Moxos, an area located in the Beni region of northern Bolivia, the only internet connection available was an expensive and intermittent telephone connection. Since March 2006, thanks to the local campesino centre and wireless internet, the main institutions in the area have been interconnected, so that the inhabitants can access the internet at a quarter of the price it used to cost them, connecting them to each other, the rest of the nation and the world. More >>

Nigeria's first rural internet service tower collapses during heavy rain storm

MONTEVIDEO (KAH for APCNews) – APC member, Fantsuam Foundation established the first rural community wireless internet service provider (ISP) in Nigeria in 2006. On Tuesday April 21 the ISP took a huge blow as the central communication tower was destroyed in a storm. Several buildings including the old network operation centre, a Cisco Laboratory and a neighboring building were seriously damaged. No people were hurt. This is the second major natural disaster that Fantsuam has suffered in a few months. In August 2008, a lighting strike destroyed a large part of their power and wireless infrastructure. APC is waiting for news of how you can help Fantsuam rebuild. For now visit the IT46 site for more details. More >>

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