APCNews – March 12 2009 - Year X Issue 96

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APCNews - March 12 2009 - Year X Issue 96

Representatives from 29 different African parliaments met last week in Kigali to reaffirm that “equitable access to information is a right for all” and urge governments to enact laws that promote access to information, knowledge and communication for all citizens. Traditionally seen as civil and political rights, information rights are now becoming acknowledged as rights that are also social and economic, said APC’s Anriette Esterhuysen in her presentation which was framed by APC’s internet rights charter. The charter has just been translated into its twentieth language, Esperanto.
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Linguistically neutral
Internet Rights Charter in Esperanto

Cheaper broadband for South Africa
March 24 meeting

FTX – A new way to bring together feminist techies and the women’s movement

KUALA LUMPUR (APC WNSP for APCNews) - APC women’s Feminist Tech Exchange (FTX) is training a key group of women’s rights advocates particularly those living in the developing world in essential internet, audio and other technical skills to enable them to use technology to most effectively document abuses, build knowledge, disseminate information, mobilise support and amplify pressures for change. Through hands-on learning, sharing of experiences and strategies, organised discussion sessions and spaces for face-to-face and online reflections and conversations, FTX creates a vibrant space to explore and deepen feminist practices and politics of technology. More >> 

Internet: Opening a door to development for the rural population in Paraguay

MONTEVIDEO (Natalia Uval for APCNews) - Poor indigenous communities experiencing contact with the world beyond their local surroundings for the first time ever. One hundred institutions in rural areas of Paraguay with access to the internet. These are just a few snapshots of the outcomes achieved by rural wireless connecitivity that has demonstrated the potential of the internet as a door to economic and social improvements in traditionally marginalised communities. More >>

Prime time for lower broadband prices in South Africa

MONTEVIDEO (APC for APCNews) - South Africa is on the eve of a major broadband infrastructure roll-out and April elections provide an opportunity to look at the policy framework with fresh eyes and to consider what’s needed to develop a coherent national broadband strategy. APC is together with other civil society organisations and businesses is building a coalition to campaign for the lowering of costs associated with the internet in South Africa. The campaign being carried out with the support of the Partnership for Higher Education in Africa (PHEA) is mobilising internet service providers, communications workers, content providers, academics, alternative energy experts, a number of civil society organisations and private sector associations to advocate for affordable broadband access for all South Africans. More >>

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