APCNews - October 14 2008 - Year IX Issue 89

APCNews – October 14 2008 – Year IX Issue 89
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In Bangladesh and Cambodia, less than 1% of the population have access to the internet compared to more than 65% in Japan. Of course the worst-off economically are also the least likely to go online for information or use cheap internet telephony but over the past few years there have been a number of promising experiences for improving access to the internet for people with the lowest incomes. APC with the support of the UN’s Development Programme is putting together a resource and advocacy kit on “pro-poor” access, which is the focus of this APCNews.



Why APC continues to obsess over “internet access”

MONTEVIDEO (APC) – According to March 2008 statistics only 3.6% of internet users in the world were from Africa. Asia contributed to 37.6% of internet users globally, but this percentage is inflated by large numbers of users from China. The number of fixed lines has not increased significantly, and in some cases has even shrunk. And, in addition to this, a new divide is emerging: the broadband (or “high speed internet”) divide.

APC is developing a “pro-poor” internet access kit

MONTEVIDEO (APC) – Business people, community activists and policy-makers have an interest in as many people as possible including people in the lowest income-brackets having access to the internet, being able to check out important information on websites and communicate cheaply via email or internet phone. In order to reduce poverty and foster inclusive development through affordable access to the internet, APC is working on a resource kit for realising a universal access agenda, present promising options, experiences, lessons and opportunities in pro-poor access provision in developing societies.

APC member Computer Aid featured in the BBC

LONDON (Computer Aid) – APC member Computer Aid has recently caught the BBC’s attention with its adaptive technologies in Kenya. The BBC’s Click covered Computer Aid’s new focus on making computers and their programmes available to everyone, including people who cannot see. You can see the video clip online or read a related BBC article which examines how Computer Aid is helping Kenyans change their lives, and the challenges involved.



Under development
Pro-Poor ICT access kit


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