APCNews - August 18 2008 - Year IX Issue 85

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APCNews - August 18 2008 - Year IX Issue 85

Privacy on the internet is under threat following a new directive from the European Union. A snapshot of training to get more Czech girls and women into IT by APC’s women’s programme in collaboration with IBM. And APC invites you to take part in the debate on what “equitable access to the internet” really means – a debate started at an APC event in Rio de Janeiro before the last Internet Governance Forum (November 2008) and now complemented by a series of commentaries and papers by leading thinkers.
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EU directive paints alternative ISPs black

BUDAPEST (maxigas for APCNews) – A European Union directive on data retention is set to be implemented in all member states from 2009, requiring all telecom providers to hold on to your email’s destination, the subject line and the sending time. European internet service providers are requested to retain not only email, but any metadata of communication originating from their network. But isn’t that a violation of the fundamental right to privacy, as defined by our 60-year old Universal Declaration of Human Rights? Isn’t it in direct defiance of APC’s Internet Rights Charter? Groups associated with the APC community, academics and radical technology collectives converge onto Budapest in September to seek a way out of Fortress Europe 2.0. More >>

Breaking stereotypes about women, girls and technology in the Czech Republic

PRAGUE (Lenka Simerska for APC WNSP) – Taking control of technology for women’s advocacy took a different tack in the Czech Republic, where APC WNSP Europe introduced the project “Women into IT” to challenge stereotypes around women and ICTs and attract more women into the IT field. More >>

New APC series on equitable access

RIO DE JANEIRO (APC) – Equitable access is about addressing social and economic imbalances when developing policy and rolling out information and communication technologies, so that people from diverse backgrounds have more or less similar opportunities when it comes to accessing and using technology. Many ICT enthusiasts are developing innovative new solutions to bring access one step closer to communities but these pioneering efforts are currently scattered and largely unavailable in public domain. This series on equitable access to ICT infrastructure includes a series of papers and commentaries about business models, policy and regulation, tools and technologies and people, networks and capabilities. More >>

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