APCNews - July 31 2008 - Year IX Issue 84

APCNews – July 31 2008 – Year IX Issue 84
The news service on ICTs for social justice and sustainable development

In edition 84, APC looks back at the accomplishments and challenges of last year through the APC Annual Report 2007. You can download it in English and shortly in Spanish, French and Urdu from apc.org. Since “growing the commons” is one of APC’s strategic priorities for the next five years, we cover the iSummit 08 taking place in Sapporo, Japan. Policy analyst Alan Finlay looks at telecommunications reform in Africa, jumping off from a talk by Robert Horwitz given during an APC-organised research workshop in Johannesburg to frame latest developments. And we introduce you to APC’s media piracy project – which questions whether the pirates are always the bad guys.



APC Annual Report 2007 – Building and strengthening networks for accessible, affordable, equal access to the internet

MONTEVIDEO (KAH for APCNews) – In existence as a virtual community since 1990, APC’s leitmotif is building and strengthening online networks for social change. The Association for Progressive Communications invites you to read our 2007 annual report. It describes the challenges encountered building networks to influence international internet policy so that more people have reliable and affordable access to the internet, networks of technicians who are taking wireless to parts of Latin America where there’s no internet, and networks of women concerned about keeping the internet safe but not censored.

Sapporo’s free and open side

SAPPORO (FD for APCNews) – On July 29, free thinkers and open culture activists from around the world gathered on Hokkaidō island, Japan. What is so free and open about this venue, traditionally inhabited by the Ainu People? The fourth edition of the global ICommons ISummit, reply those converging on the island’s city, Sapporo. The summit is set to “grow the commons” until August 1 and beyond, as participants – among them APC members and staff – will advocate for open content, open education, do-it-yourself video, and academic research on free culture.
>>Read Natalie Brown’s blog post on linguistic diversity at iSummit 08
>>Watch Andrew Garton’s in-the-field video, asking the question, what is the commons?

Privatisation on its own can be dangerous, workshop told

JOHANNESBURG (Alan Finlay for APCNews) – Privatisation without regulation does not necessarily improve service delivery, and may even decrease access to information and communication technology for the poor. This is the view of US-based academic and ICT policy analyst Robert Horwitz, who was speaking at a one-week research workshop held in Johannesburg in July 2008. Horwitz is no newcomer to South Africa, or to the politics behind antennas, cables and wires.

Media piracy: Approaching IP from the South

JOHANNESBURG (Natalie Brown for APCNews) – As new copyright laws attempt to keep pace with the shifting landscape of digital cultural production, legal restrictions on media use and distribution are being championed by heavyweights in the global media industry. This has led to the web of restrictions on media consumption becoming denser. Civil society network APC hopes to re-shape the discourse surrounding piracy by providing a thoroughly researched, credible alternative to the industry’s data.



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