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APCNews - July 22 2008 - Year IX Issue 83

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APCNews - July 22 2008 - Year IX Issue 83

In this edition, APC welcomes our fifty-third member – Sulá Batsú, a cooperative from Costa Rica. In mid-June, the OECD met on the “future of the internet”. APC and like-minded groups signed a declaration calling for an inclusive, fair and sustainable internet economy. And in case you missed our announcement earlier this year, we draw your attention to our board of directors who are elected by their peers at APC’s biennial membership meeting.
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Costa Rican cooperative joins APC

MONTEVIDEO (AL for APCNews) – APC’s new member Sulá Batsú is a cooperative operating in Costa Rica since 2005. It sees itself as a collective workspace for social change. Its experience spans over the sharing of knowledge, social economy and information and communication technologies. APCNews interviewed Margarita Salas of Sulá Batsú in order to grasp the challenges associated with the cooperative model, the opportunities and challenges that the internet represents in the Costa Rican context, the link between gender and technology and her perspective on what is referred to as social economy. More >>

The Seoul declaration

SEOUL (Joint declaration) – This is the statement issued by civil society, gathered at the OECD ministerial conference on the future of the internet, which ended on June 18. It says: “The policy goals for the Future Internet Economy should be considered within the broader framework of protection of human rights, the promotion of democratic institutions, access to information, and the provision of affordable and non-discriminatory access to advanced communication networks and services”. [pdf format] More >>

New APC executive board

MONTEVIDEO (APC) – APC is pleased to announce the new APC executive board elected by members at the APC council meeting in Rio de Janeiro in November 2007 for a three-year term. In office for the last six months, they have already met in South Africa in February to establish the 2008-2012 action plan with APC’s staff. More >>


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