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Institute for Global Communications (IGC)
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Web & Multimedia Creative Director 多媒体,网络和未来媒体创意总监
Bio Born in China, Shanghai. Award-winning design specialist, artist, and leader with diverse portfolio of success spanning website, multimedia, and user interface design. Intrinsic creative talent and keen eye for quality design and document/Web site layout. Fluent in English, Chinese, and Italian. Orchestrate full design project lifecycle, from planning to production, with a strong focus on efficiently meeting budget, quality, and timeline constraints. Hands-on experience in all aspects of website development from design and coding to project and team management, interface design, motion graphics, animation, video editing, and information architecture. Core Competencies - Web & Visual Design - Creative Concepts - Project Management - Video Post Production - Interactive Multimedia Design - Excellent Communication Skills - Marketing Initiatives - Client Relations - Quality Assurance Education: Master of Engineering, Multimedia Content Design - University of Florence, Florence, Italy 蔡艾玲 意大利多媒体创意总监 国际网络多媒体复合型专业人员-专业:数字媒体。 内容: 策划,创意,技术,管理,多文化沟通。 领域:多媒体,网络,视频后期制作,网络电视新闻,纪录片创意编导。经验:12年的国际,从上海-硅谷-意大利到纽约,包括意大利媒体巨头-共和国报社电视网。精通:多媒体交替设计,数码影视设计, 视觉艺术,平面设计,网页设计和视频后期制作。具有深厚的中西(中国-意大利)文化底蕴,尤其针对意大利艺术,建筑和文学领域。学位:意大利佛罗伦萨大学多媒体工程硕士

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