APCNews 191 – First African school on IG – 17/07/13

APCNews – 17 July 2013 – Year XIII Issue 191
The news service on ICTs for social justice and sustainable development

First African School on internet governance yields 35 graduates
JOHANNESBURG (APC for APCNews) Participants from more than fifteen African countries successfully completed a three-day training event organised the NEPAD Agency’s e-Africa Programme and APC.

Women’s rights and threats to online freedom: reflections from the Freedom Online Conference
In June 2013 Françoise Mukuku took part in the conference on online freedom known as Freedom Online. In the midst of the international storm about surveillance and censorship, our specific focus was online freedom in Africa and the Arab world as Tunisia, like all of the Maghreb, has one foot in both worlds. Read more of her reflections here:

Network News: Justice for gender-based violence in Congo Brazza
JOHANNESBURG (APC Nouvelles) APC News interviews Sylvie Niombo of AZURDéveloppement about the Africatti project whose objective is to hold governments accountable for the fight against gender-based violence. Niombo describes the lack of policies on gender-based violence in Congo-Brazzaville and its effect on access by women to justice for gender-based violence.



On US’s NSA/Prism Surveillance
US-based surveillance and data collection: New UN report provides guidance on PRISM

We need public debate, not a secret tribunal, on covert British surveillance

Time to reveal NSA’s spying: Jinbonet calls South Korean government to take action

Freedom Online Coalition: Governments should take action to protect rights

Civil society letter to US Congress on internet and telecommunications surveillance


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