APCNews 188 – Calls for action in internet governance and internet rights – 04/06/13

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Call for Applications to Participate in the First African School on Internet Governance in Durban South Africa, July 2013

JOHANNESBURG (APCNews) – The Association for Progressive Communications (APC) and the NEPAD Planning and Coordinating Agency–e-Africa Programme are pleased to announce the call for applications for the first African School on Internet Governance to be held in Durban, South Africa, from 10-12 July 2013. More >

Facebook campaign changes hate speech policy

PERGAMINO (FF for APCNews) – “Take action to end gender-based violence on Facebook” is this campaign’s call that asks companies whose publicity appears on explicitly violent Facebook pages and profiles to help pressure the social networking platform to re-examine its response to violence against women and girls. More >

Call for support: Macedonian government moves to limit online free speech and increase State control of the media

JOHANNESBURG (AG for APCNews) – An urgent call for support for APC member Metamorphosis Foundation in their efforts to fight for internet and human rights of Macedonia's citizens. New “media law” will require all media, both print and online, to be filtered through a centralised government agency, effectively allowing the government to legally filter and censor content.  More >

Improve participation, planning and allocation: APC's comments to the South African national broadband policy

JOHANNESBURG (AL for APCNews) – In April 2013, the South African government published their proposal for a national broadband policy with the aim of ensuring “universal service and access to reliable, affordable and secure broadband services by all citizens prioritising, rural and under-serviced areas.” These are the comments officially submitted by APC. More >

Network news: Participation in Cyber Stewards network reinforces Colnodo's work on tech-related violence against women

PERGAMINO (FF for APCNews) – The Cyber Stewards network organised a meeting that took place on 17-18 March 2013.APC member Colnodo took part in a workshop at the meeting, themed “Governance without government in cyberspace?” Colnodo’s participation in the network strengthens Colnodo’s work in the “End violence: Women’s rights and safety online” project in Colombia. More >

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