APCNews 183 – APC reviews WSIS+10, submits UPRs in LAC and Africa – 25/03/13

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On the WSIS+10: Access and exclusion in review

BOGOTA (Shawna Finnegan for APCNews) From 25 – 27 February 2013, delegates from civil society, government, industry and the technical community met at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris for the first WSIS+10 Review meeting to discuss action “Towards Knowledge Societies for Peace and Sustainable Development.” More >

Internet Rights in Mexico and Nigeria: APC members, partners make recommendations in UPR processes

BOGOTA (Shawna Finnegan for APC) In partnership with members and networks, APC is working to protect and promote human rights online, engaging governments and other relevant stakeholders through a variety of United Nations processes including participating in the Universal Periodic Review (UPR). More >

APC to attend event on Open Development in LAC region

(APCNews) APC’s Valeria Betancourt is undertaking research for the IDRC initiative “25 years of the Information Society in Latin America and the Caribbean.” As part of the research, APC will attend an event on “Open Development: Exploring the future of the information society,” in early April 2013. The ongoing project focuses on the emerging concept of open development in LAC. More >

Network news: Training Cambodian youth to promote gender equality through ICTs

PHNOM PENH (Open Institute for APCNews) Last month, Cambodia-based APC member Open Institute organised a training for students from several local academic institutions in Khmer, covering a wide range of tools like social networking for citizen journalists and FLOSS, or free and open source software. The training’s focus was to build capacity in using ICTs to promote gender equality. More >

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