APCNews 179 – Ending violence against women through stories – 21/01/13

APCNews 179 – Ending violence against women through stories – 21/01/13

APCNews – January 21 2013 – Year XIII Issue 179
The news service on ICTs for social justice and sustainable development

APC’s Anriette Esterhuysen a finalist for IT personality of the year
JOHANNESBURG (IT web online) – Now in its 34th year, the IT Personality of the Year recognises a person who has made an outstanding impact on the South African ICT industry and a significant contribution to the ICT profession. Among this year’s five finalists (out of 10 nominees) was APC Executive director, Anriette Esterhuysen.

Irfan Ali Khudi: An irreplaceable voice of activism silenced
PAKISTAN (Bytes for All) – Bytes for All, Pakistan is mourning the devastating loss of Irfan Ali Khudi, a renowned and brave human rights defender from Quetta, Balochistan. Irfan Ali lost his life in a blast last evening during a series of suicide attacks at Rehmat Chowk, Alamdar Road, Quetta.

Digital World 2012: Stories to end violence against women
DHAKA (ES for GenderIT.org) – The Digital World 2012 – Knowledge to Prosperity conference in Dhaka, Bangladesh 6-8 December was an amazing mashup of private sector, government and civil society united in their interest in ICT for development. As coordinator of APC’s End violence: Women’s rights and safety online project, Jan Moolman presented Take Back the Tech! in a session spotlighting tech-related violence against women.

Power of stories to reclaim women’s rights – Highlights of Take Back the Tech! campaign
(GenderIT.org for APCNews) – The 2012 TBTT campaign featured 16 stories for 16 days. Each of them presented a different way that ICTs affect the lives of women around the world. This GenderIT.org edition, edited by Françoise Mukuku from the Democratic Republic of Congo, reflects on some of the issues emerged from these stories of survivor and courage.



Monitoring and defending freedom of expression and privacy on the internet in South Africa

Violence against women and ICTs: Map it! End it!


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