APCNews 173 – Highway Africa, communicating research, digital storytelling – 24/09/12

APCNews – September 24 2012 – Year XII Issue 173
The news service on ICTs for social justice and sustainable development

Ending violence online – focus on women’s rights and safety online

JOHANNESBURG (APC) – Technology-related violence against women is increasing at an alarming rate – yet it expresses itself differently around the world. A new initiative by APC Women is helping women create safe and secure environments online in seven different countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America. Find out more….

Communicating research for influence: Strategies and challenges for bringing about change

JOHANNESBURG (APC for APCNews) Communicating research for influence is not easy. We designed this manual based on our success stories and challenges in communicating research for influence. We translated our knowledge and expertise into tips that other organisations or campaigners may find useful.

Digital Storytelling as a Feminist Practice

BREMEN (Sigrid Kannengießer for GenderIT.org ) – Digital storytelling provides a powerful way of using information and communication technologies to empower marginalised women. Digital stories are produced and distributed by digital media. In digital storytelling workshops, marginalised women and women’s rights activists develop a forum to tell their stories and share their experiences by producing short films about themselves.

Pakistan: Bloggers and journalists to duck digital threats

ISLAMABAD (FD for APCNews ) – “Pakistan is among the world’s most dangerous places for journalists,” reads a report recently produced and published by Bytes For All, Pakistan. Based on a research survey commissioned by Internews, the report takes a hard look at the awareness Pakistani journalists and bloggers have of their own digital security.

Taking the highway to Grahamstown

GRAHAMSTOWN (FD for APCNews) - Five years back, I took the highway to Grahamstown, South Africa. I had landed in Port Elizabeth before being picked up by a Rhodes University shuttle bus. This year, Highway Africa is taking place at Rhodes in Grahamstown for the 16th time and looking at the media’s coverage of Africa’s rising.



Impact 2.0 in LAC
New mechanisms for linking research and policy

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