APCNews 166 – On the streets and online, APC reports on ICTs and social justice – 18/06/12

APCNews – June 18 2012 – Year XII Issue 166
The news service on ICTs for social justice and sustainable development

20 years later: APC to push for a more sustainable use of ICTs in Rio

CALGARY (LC for APCNews) – As international organisations, civil society, governments and the private sector gather in Rio for the UN convention on sustainable development and the People’s summit, APC staff and members, too, will be live tweeting and reporting on the event, holding workshops and speaking on panels.

Green-my-tech tip sheets

LONDON (GreenNet) – GreenNet has compiled a series of at-a-glance tip sheets to help everyday users and IT professionals use computers in a more sustainable way. We hope you’ll find them useful.

Open spectrum for development launches website

PERGAMINO (FF for APCNews) – APC’s initiative “Open Spectrum for Development,” which analyses spectrum regulation in Africa, Asia and Latin America, has its own website to feature materials produced from the project.

Nancy Hafkin: 30 years of building Africa’s networks

MONTEVIDEO (AF for APCNews) – After more than 30 years of working to promote information and communications technology in Africa, Nancy Hafkin was inducted into the Internet Wall of Fame. In an interview with APCNews, she shares the history of her work and that of communications technology in Africa, her interest in Africa, obstacles and achievements.

Going online is the same as going out to a rally

PRAGUE (Katerina Fialova and Sonia Randhawa for GenderIT.org) – Thirty people from six continents met at the APC “Dialogue on digital security and women’s human rights defenders” to discuss regional and global trends on digital security, freedom of expression and freedom of association, and their impact on women’s human rights defenders. Katerina Fialova and Sonia Randhawa interviewed two of the participants.



Open spectrum for development: latest news

New guide for policy makers on ICTs and climate change

Freedom of expression and the internet: how to reconcile practice and principles?

Critically absent: Advocacy tool kit for women in internet governance

EROTICS findings: Sex, rights and the internet


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