APCNews 149 – IGF 2011 – 23/09/11


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The Sixth Internet Governance Forum begins next week

The Internet Governance Forum is a multi-stakeholder policy dialogue space convened by the UN since 2006 to “foster the sustainability, robustness, security, stability and development of the internet”. It acts as  a pressure valve for some of the most controversial internet governance issues. People with radically different and often opposing views  come together in an environment that is generally respectful and constructive. This year's IGF is on internet as a catalyst for change.

APC at the Sixth IGF
APC priorities at the Sixth IGF (new!)
APC's pre-event on Internet Rights are Human Rights: Development, Empowerment and Access to the Internet
Where to find APC at the IGF: Download the calendar
Issue papers for Southern African IGF are good preparation for Nairobi

APC on the new threats to human rights online

WELLINGTON (Joy Liddicoat for APC) – APC's human rights expert Joy Liddicoat outlines the state of human rights online and the major challenges facing activists and human rights defenders.  As levels of censorship and surveillance are increasing worldwide including in democratic countries threaten the lives of democracy activists, APC calls for the theme of the 2012 IGF to focus exclusively on human rights. More>

APC: Support Swedish proposal for UN panel on freedom of expression & the internet

JOHANNESBURG (APC for APCNews) - APC has put out a statement strongly endorsing the proposal of the Swedish Government for an expert panel on freedom of expression at the United Nations. We invite you to endorse the statement. More>

Sweden's proposed expert panel explained

MONTEVIDEO (APC for APCNews) - APC’s Joy Liddicoat explains the significance of Sweden’s proposal to the Human Rights Council to establish an expert panel on the internet and human rights. More>

Should the private sector protect our online privacy?

OTTAWA (GJ for APCNews) - Increasingly governments are delegating responsibility for content restriction, surveillance, and even internet blackouts to private companies. APCNews spoke with Milka Pietikainen, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at Nokia Siemens about the role of the private sector in protecting our rights. More>

Digital broadcast transitioning: The benefits – and the obstacles

CALGARY (LC for APCNews) - Africa has committed to move to digital broadcasting by June 2015. In West Africa, very few countries have begun the migration. Rife with challenges, the process is daunting to most, with the benefits largely unclear. A new paper from APC and Balancing Act investigates. More>

What’s hot on APC.org

Video: A brief history of APC

APC member Colnodo condemns anti-piracy law

Digital TV in West Africa: Who's taking the plunge and how? (APCNews)

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