London Riots: Social media does not cause social problems say APC and GreenNet

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Por APC/GreenNet para APCNews

JOHANNESBURG AND LONDON, South Africa and UK, 15 August 2011

Following last week’s riots, British PM David Cameron said that his government is considering a crackdown on online communications. However he forgets that the same websites and phone networks were also used to locate friends and plan safe exits from trouble-spots. APC and GreenNet issue a statement.

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British gov't makes U-turn on banning access to the internet

Thank goodness, a good decision from the UK government in the aftermath of the riots.

The Guardian reports: “The government has climbed down on plans to ban suspected rioters from social networking websites including Facebook and Twitter in times of civil unrest.

Unprecedented measures such as shutting down websites and banning users are understood to have been dismissed by all sides early at a Home Office summit between the home secretary, Theresa May, and the major social networks on Thursday afternoon.”

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