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APCNewsNovember 22 2010 – Year XI Issue 132 • African countries arecommitted to migrating to digital broadcasting by June 2015. It will be a costly process for both for governments and citizens, and right now it is not really clear what the benefits will be or where the resources to make the transition will come from. A new initiative from APC and Balancing Act is producing the data and tools required to make informed decisions about the migration and the balance of costs and benefits. It's the first of two new initiatives started by APC recently. The second Internet rights are human rights builds on our long-standing work to secure freedom of expression of those who are most vulnerable: human rights defenders that are working online to put an end to violence and repression. And Take Back the Tech! The campaign, that is part of the Sixteen Days of Gender Activism, starts on November 25 – join us by getting creative with technology to end violence against women!

Wille Currie discusses strategy at an APC meeting

Take Back the Tech! 2010 Explore technology! Defend women's rights!

KUALA LUMPUR (APC WNSP for APC) - The UN estimates that 95% of aggressive behaviour, harassment, abusive language and degrading images in online spaces are aimed at women. As more and more women go online using computers and mobile phones, many are silenced through acts of violence, sexism and censorship. From November 25 to December 10 Take Back The Tech! calls on women and men to take control of technology to protect the right to freedom of expression and information. Join the movement and get creative! More >

Internet rights are human rights

OXFORD (KB for APC) - Restricting free expression, association and the free flow of information on the internet has become a global trend and its intensity and impact is greatest in countries lacking a culture of democracy or strong human rights regimes. People who speak out against repression risk their own freedom and safety and the sites that carry their online denouncements are often censored or banned. A new APC project "Internet rights are human rights" starting in November 2010 builds on our long-standing work including our Internet Rights Charter aims to secure freedom of expression of those who are most vulnerable: human rights defenders that are working to put an end violence and repression.  More>

Digital broadcast migration in West Africa: What's the dividend?

JOHANNESBURG (Russell Southwood for APCNews) -- Nollywood is bigger than Hollywood -- Nigeria produces a massive 200 films a month-- yet 80-90% of content on most African TV stations comes from other continents. As African nations plan to move to digital broadcasting by 2015 it's time for serious shifts to be made. APC and Balancing Act launch a new initiative to lower the costs and maximise the benefits of migration for citizens and governments. More >

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