APCNews 124 – Visualising data for democracy

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APCNews - July 12 2010 - Year XI Issue 124 - The third report from APC and Hivos in the Global Information Society Watch series is on “access to online information and knowledge to advance human rights and democracy”. It reveals how vulnerable the internet as we know it is and unpacks key issues – including open standards and access to educational materials and libraries. For the first time GISWatch also includes an innovate section that visually maps global rights as seen through an analysis of Google searches, as well as a visual analysis of tweets sent out during the 2009 Iranian political crisis, which we feature in this edition of APCNews.

Visualising information: Are my rights the same as your rights?

MONTEVIDEO (Rogers, Fieke Jansen, Michael Stevenson and Esther Weltevrede for GISWatch) - In a unique study, researchers from the Netherlands asked, if you type the word “rights” into Google.co.uk, do you see the same types of rights in the top ten search results as if you type “derechos” (rights in Spanish) into the Argentinian Google?  The answer is no. The search results showed that the “rights of the over-indebted” is unique to Ivory Coast as was the “right to education in a native sign language” to Finland. The  results –which have been turned into a unique rights-map-- together with an analysis of tweets during the 2009 Iranian election crisis are published in Global Information Society Watch 2009 which highlights the use of online information for advancing democracy and human rights. More > 

Cambodia announces observation centre to end violence against women

CALGARY 8 July 2010 (LC for APCNews) – As part of its plan to bring an end to violence against women in the country, Cambodia’s Ministry of Women’s Affairs will set up a Gender Issues Observatory, the first of its kind in the country. The news was announced at a workshop organised by the Ministry and APC member Open Institute as part of the Take Back the Tech! To end violence against women initiative in twelve countries. More >

Fighting illegal logging in Bulgaria's forests

SOFIA (BlueLink for APC) - campaign to expose illegal logging is a new wall against the extinction of forests in Bulgaria. The campaign combines digital tools and green activism in an online system for filing whistle-blower alerts. More >

Revolutionary blogfarm for Hungarian activists

BUDAPEST (Green Spider for APC) - APC member in Budapest, Green Spider, is challenging Facebook and YouTube by offering a home-grown Web 2.0 suite for Hungarian activists. “In the face of the overwhelming monoculture of corporate social networking tools, the service has taken off amongst grassroots activists, community organisers and charities in the Hungarian social and environmental movement,” says Green Spider.  More >

South Africa and online pornography: Bill sets off alarm bells in women's movement

JOHNANNESBURG (Sally-Jean Shackleton for GenderIT) - A draft Bill proposing a ban on sexual content on the internet and cellphones submitted to the South African Department of Home Affairs in May 2010 claims to have the best interests of women and children in mind but has set alarm bells ringing in the women’s movement. “The Bill equates women with children –taking a protectionist approach to the rights of women-- and promotes state censorship,” says Sally-Jean Shackleton, director of Women'sNet, a feminist technology organisation based in Johannesburg. More >

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