APCNews 122 – Shrinking internet freedom in Pakistan and S. Korea

APCNews – June 10 2010 – Year XI Issue 122
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Recent controversy over a Facebook event called “Draw Mohammed Day” led Pakistani officials to ban the site and block hundreds of other sites including YouTube and Wikipedia. After lifting the social media ban on May 31, the Lahore High Court ordered authorities to find ways to permanently block this “blasphemous content” in Pakistan. Fearing that the measures will be misused by the government, APC member in Asia Bytes For All is urging the government to stop blocking and filtering the internet, “We condemn the blasphemous content and hate speech,” says Bytes For All “but we urge the government to stop blocking and filtering of the internet as it will curb people’s economic and social well-being.”


Pakistani internet ban is excuse to “curb voices against corruption”

ISLAMABAD (Bytes for All) – After lifting the nationwide Facebook ban on May 31, the Lahore High Court directed authorities to devise methods to permanently block “blasphemous content” on the internet in Pakistan. “We believe that this order will be misused by the government to block citizens access to online activism and curb voices against corruption and corrupt practices by the government functionaries and that an open internet is essential in the fight for transparency,” says internet rights defender Bytes For All.

Hyper-connected South Koreans face shrinking internet freedom, says UN

JOHANNESBURG (TP for APCNews) – The Republic of Korea has one of the highest percentages of broadband internet connectivity in the world, yet it trails miserably behind on internet freedoms, said a UN Special Rapporteur on a recent visit to the country. APC member Jinbonet reports that “Freedom of expression on the internet in South Korea is facing a serious crisis.” Koreans who criticise the government have to be prepared to allow articles be deleted or face prosecution.

JAKARTA: Time for Reel Action Climate Crisis Video Launch

JAKARTA (Andrew Garton for EnageMedia) – Coinciding with World Environment Day EngageMedia is launching a curated compilation of videos that deal with climate change issues from an Asia-Pacific perspective. Time for Reel Action (T4RA) is a video compilation of climate change stories that explores the impacts, the action and climate solutions emerging from the region.



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Feminist Tech Xchange in Pakistan
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